Clay Mask - Restore - For Balancing Skin

A great way to restore poor blood and/or lymph circulation pink clay can be used to cleanse and detoxify the skin, remove dead skin cells and create an overall refreshed appearance. Pink clay can also be used to treat acne, sun damaged skin and other skin ailments.

Pink clay works to bring blood to the surface of your skin, revitalizing your skin with fresh blood - and it can cause redness. If your skin is sensitive to this, we recommend using it at night so your skin cells can use the time you're sleeping to regenerate themselves. This is perfectly healthy, natural, and good for your skin. 

We package our 2 ounce Restore Clay Masks in frosted glass jars with white lids. Our 1/2 ounce Restore masks are packaged in clear plastic bottles with white caps. 

To Use: Mix 1/2 TSP clay with water to create a watery paste. Apply evenly to clean face. Allow mask to dry and then rinse clean.

Ingredients: Pure Pink Clay.

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