Why is my product cloudy?

Why is my product cloudy?

You have something that is cloudy when it's normally clear, or it was once clear and is now cloudy? No need to worry-- everything is just fine!


ln a perfect world everything would just be magically crystal clear immediately and forever! Unfortunately, when working with natural ingredients it can be a bit more unpredictable. 

First of all, there's nothing wrong! Essential oils in any water based formula can turn cloudy due to a phenomenon called "phase separation." This occurs when the essential oils, which are hydrophobic (repel water), separate from the rest of the solution.

Factors like temperature changes or the concentration of essential oils can contribute to this cloudiness. If the product experiences temperature fluctuations, the essential oils may become less soluble and separate from the water-based solution, leading to a cloudy appearance. We always recommend storing products in cool places, away from sunlight. During the summer, we have no control of how hot the delivery trucks get, so the likelihood of this happening is higher. 

While the cloudiness might be visually unappealing, it does not indicate that the product is ineffective or harmful. In most cases, a simple shake or stir before use can re-disperse the essential oils and restore the product's original appearance.

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