September 2022 UPDATE

September 2022 UPDATE


So, as you may have heard, the water damage to our building last December has really been making this year awful for us. We have been under construction since January and there have been numerous delays, and everything is just pretty slow going. 

The good news: Both our stores are open 7 days a week, and we're open 24/7 online! The bad news: Just when we thought that the construction was getting wrapped up, we have run into a huge issue. The brand new flooring that was installed in both retail shops and our production kitchen was done with the wrong glue. It began failing just 3 months after it was installed, and unfortunately the only option is to replace all of it, once again. We're doing our best to mitigate the issue for the time being, but will eventually need to shut down again for a period of time. 

The shutdown earlier this year took several months, and we were able to do things in stages so we could keep parts of the business open, but I'm afraid due to the timing that won't be an option the second time around. The flooring crew says they'll work around the clock and get things done as quickly as possible, but I want to be prepared for the reality of the situation. 

We will likely have another big in store sale at the end of December (possibly earlier for Winston's General- follow us on social media for updates) to sell through as much product as possible so there's less to box up and put into storage, but this will also mean we're going to need some time after that to put everything back together and get our stock built back up. 

So in the meantime, we truly appreciate your support through this extra rough year and are very much looking forward to being put back together and ready to make 2023 the exact opposite of 2022! 

-the handmade team 

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