Obviously, if you've ever had the pleasure of meeting Henrietta, you know she's something special. She's the sweetest friend, best high-fiver, and loyal snuggler. It only made sense that she launched her own line of natural dog products to share with all her friends. 

It needed to be natural, yet effective, and also adorable! 

Luckily I have an amazing designer friend over at Make Northwest that was able to turn this photo I took of Henrietta into the most perfect logo. He even captured her tiny eyelashes. 

We wanted a little bit of something for every puppy, and Henrietta was the most reluctant test subject. But you better believe she has super soft paws, a moist nose, and the shiniest, flea-free fur. There was a ton of research finding not only all the dog-safe essential oils, but also those that would help keep fleas away. The dog wash & fur conditioner have the same blend, and leave your dog smelling fresh and clean - without the use of any fragrance oils! The calming spray not only works to keep fleas away (Henrietta has never used any kind of flea treatment) but keeps her feeling calm, and smelling great! The nose balm and paw balm are both unscented, gentle, and super effective! We recommend applying the paw balm at night, as to give the longest amount of time where your dog won't be on their feet wiping it off. 

Henrietta is in charge of the finances when it comes to her line, and she's always donating to different animal charities, and to help with the natural habitat around Western Washington. If you have any suggestions for where the next donation should go, please let us know! The rest of the money that she makes Henrietta likes to spend on her lavish lifestyle. 

Be sure to follow Henrietta on Facebook and Instagram! She posts lots of updates, and tons of pictures of her cute face!


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Is the Paw Salve available online for purchase?

Heather Stewart

We recently checked out this adorable shop on our trip across the border. I fell in love with the lemon & lavender body/linen mist and the spruce & fir moisture lotion bar. Absolutely will be back when I get the chance! I want to try more products.


How do even put into words how much I love these products!? I have the grapefruit lip balm on me at ALL times. It’s so soft and smells so yummy. Plus it’s in a cute metal container (yay! For no plastics!) I also absolutely love the shampoo bar, it’s the first one I’ve found that’s actually a descent size and not an over powering floral smell that smells like my grandmas perfume (sorry GG 🙈). It last twice as long as other brands, and again comes in its own metal container. We need to make another trip soon and spoil myself with these amazing products.


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