An Update

An Update

Hello, Everyone! 

We’ve decided to close our retail shop in La Conner, for now. We’re keeping production going, and we’ll be filling orders, cleaning, organizing, and getting our back stock extra full as long as we’re allowed! 

I am so incredibly grateful and lucky enough to have built my business so that it does not hinge on how business goes week to week. Know that I will take care of each and every one of my 12 staff members, they will all keep their jobs and all of their hours. 

My heart is breaking reading posts of businesses that are forced to change the way they’re doing things, or ultimately have to close their doors, for the friends and acquaintances who have lost their jobs, had hours cut, and those who fear losing it all. 

In the meantime, is there anything else you’d like us to do? Need me to post dog photos every hour? Feel like chatting out your skincare regimen? Want to hear about what’s in our beard care line? Should we be making something that we aren’t currently and you’d love to give us some ideas? Want to see a live stream of what’s happening in our production kitchen? Please, don’t hesitate to ask. My email is and the store phone number is (360)214-2415. 

Our online shop is open, free shipping available to everyone. (SO SORRY, THIS HAS ENDED, FREE SHIPPING IS NOW FOR ORDERS OVER $100) And finally, please wash your hands often, check on your neighbors, be kind to those in a state of panic, and remember to support small businesses. ❤️


Robyn Bradley 

Founder & CEO 

handmade. la conner 

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