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- How did you first hear of handmade. la conner? 

- What’s your favorite product of ours & why? 

- What’s something you’d love for us to make?

- Any words of wisdom or encouragement for a small business in today’s world?

- What do you hope for the future of handmade. la conner? 

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I first heard of Handmade La Conner from Three Hearts Home in Somerville, NJ. They closed shop maybe five years ago and I needed to buy the best, creamiest, citrus smelling hand lotion that they used to sell. I luckily had taken many pictures of it because of the cute packaging and because I posted it to my social media a lot. Years after they closed, I managed to find this website and order it from here. My other favorite product would be the Neroli + Sea Salt hair texturizing spray. It smells good and with my curly hair, this spray makes it look like I’ve just come out of the ocean. It tightens my girls and gives me the ocean waves in my hair. I’d love for Handmade La Conner to make face mists or body bronzer to make me/my hair have sparkles.

My words of wisdom: keep making high quality products. If money is tight, decrease your product lines but never decrease the quality. I searched for you from pictures I took years ago! This loyalty can only be made due to your high quality products.

I wish you the best in health, love, happiness, creativity, and financial well-being :) I’m glad that you have both an in person and online market.

Chelsea p

I first learned of your products in a store in Seattle, Station 7 on Capitol Hill and I fell in love. My favorite product was a hand soap you made for a restaurant down the street from you, Sage and Grapefruit? It was wonderful. I love your laundry soap.

Jennifer Ferguson

I found you through Molbak’s in Woodinville, I bought some of your lovely lemon lavender lotion. I’m dying to visit your store and explore all of your other treasurers! A bonus Made in Washington!!

Juliana Jackson

This is the cutest shop! It has fast become one of my favorite places to go for gifts!! From the pencils with cheeky sayings to hand soaps and jewelry, there is something for everyone. If I had to pick one item I couldn’t live without, it would be the Gardener’s Scrub.

River Leonovich

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