Thanks so much for stopping by for our virtual guestbook! 

- How did you first hear of handmade. la conner? 

- What’s your favorite product of ours & why? 

- What’s something you’d love for us to make?

- Any words of wisdom or encouragement for a small business in today’s world?

- What do you hope for the future of handmade. la conner? 

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I found out about you five or six years ago when I went to Urban Craft Uprising’s winter show and saw you there. I loved your hand lotion so much & have been ordering since. : ) Your grapefruit & bergamot daily moisturizing lotion is my absolute favorite.

Congrats on ten years and thanks for all you do making great products in our corner of the PNW.

Tiffany Lutnick Coleman

I have 3 favorite products – don’t make me pick just one! First up is the cuticle cream because it keeps my cuticles soft and it smells lovely. Second is the recover hand cream which keeps my hands soft through harsh winter weather. Thirdly is the blueberry scrub, which always leaves my skin feeling fresh and moisturized.

Karen Mills

Love handmade la conner, long time lotion lover ❤️

Candice chorzelewski

Found out about it from Reddit 😄 was looking for indy place to get laundry supplies. The power of the net!

Jillann Demes

Lemon lavender anything is my favorite 💜🍋
Found out about your shop when we stayed the night in LaConner on our anniversary trip.
Small business is my favorite to support😊💜Hang in there & Congrats on 10 years! 🎉

Jennifer Jungwirth

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