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Extra Firm Mustache Wax - 1/2 Ounce

When we started making mustache wax we found that most other waxes just didn't hold up over time. What we were looking for was something specific, something simple handmade, and all natural, that would last a long time with minimal attention, and something that was somewhat pliable but could be effectively applied. What we came up with is was a combination of beeswax and lanolin butter. By cutting out all the softer oils and butters we knew that we were definitely moving toward a strong hold, but we still wanted it to be pliable while keeping a superior hold. So after months of trial and error we found that just using the exact right amount of lanolin butter gave us just the result that we were looking for.

For application you have two options. First you can do it the traditional way by taking your thumb nail and pushing it into the wax to scrape some out, then rub the wax between your thumb and forefinger to heat, and apply. We've found in the past that we can style even very long handle bar mustaches in just a minute or two.

Last of all we scent all our mustache wax with a light blend of earthy and masculine scents, like cedar & bergamot or oakmoss & whiskey, to leave you looking, smelling, and feeling better than ever!

.5 oz

Ingredients: Beeswax, Lanolin, Pure Essential Oils.


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