Henrietta Von Woofington’s Rainbow Exfoliant

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Henrietta sure does love a rainbow. When setting out to make a unique scrub to enter this competition, Henrietta went with what she knows best: color. Okay, maybe we should go with something other than color, so what Henrietta knows best: flavors. She might be partial to chicken jerky, but let me tell you, she was thrilled at how this scrub turned out. 

Each layer is both colored and scented, giving you a plethora of options. Go layer by layer? Get one big scoop? It’s completely up to you! Whatever you choose, Henrietta knows you’ll smell great, and have the softest skin. 

Beet Powder + Lemon & Rose

Pink Clay + Rosewood 

Turmeric + Blood Orange 

Spinach Powder + Bergamot 

Blueberry Powder + Blueberry 

Ingredients: Turbinado Sugar, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, Pure Essential Oils, Beet Powder, Pink Clay, Blueberry Powder, Turmeric, Spinach Powder. 

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