wholesale & private labeling


We would love for your store to stock our products!

A few important things: 

We require an active EIN number and/or reseller permit before filling your first order. We do ask that you check your area to see if any other shops in your area are carrying our products before placing your order: 


You can very easily place your order here - www.hmlcwholesale.com 

We have everything set up so you can simply fill up a shopping cart and check out. If it's your first order, we'll need you to email your reseller permit or equivalent to info@handmadelaconner.com. We'd also like to make sure to get you added to our stockist list, so please let us know what information you'd like us to share. 

We also have our full catalog available on Faire. 


private labeling & bulk orders

It's a great way for you to expand your own brand, or have a products exclusive to you. 

A few things to note:

-Full batches are required, every time. The batches will be fresh and have a two year shelf life. Batches cannot be split between sizes, or scents. 

-We do not do any label design or printing, and ask that any labels you design and print do not resemble ours in any way (shape/size, font, or placement). 

-Any packaging customization can potentially result in larger minimums. We do not keep any unused custom packaging, or ingredients on hand for potential future orders. 

-Orders typically take 2-4 weeks to complete, potentially longer depending on the quantity or any supply issues. 

-Bulk gallons, or 5 gallon buckets are available for all of our products. Please inquire directly for pricing and other information. 

-Airbnb's / Hotels - We are happy to offer a discount, please contact us directly, but we cannot offer tax free wholesale without a reseller permit. 

 product & scent formulation

We offer both custom scent blends and custom product formulation.

Custom scent blends are $75 for 3 samples based on your notes, revisions are $50 each. Keep in mind that depending on the scents chosen, prices are variable. 

Product formulation cost starts at $1500. Please email robyn@handmadelaconner.com for more details. This varies wildly depending on the product. 

As each case is different, please feel free to send an email to info@handmadelaconner.com to schedule a time to chat. 


Robyn Bradley

Founder & CEO