Wholesale Inquiries

We would love for your store to stock our products! Visit our wholesale ordering site - - here you can see our entire stock list and place orders for your store. We also have our products available on Faire

Please send us some information about your store as well a few photos so we can see where our products will be stocked. We require an active EIN number and reseller permit before filling your first order. To see if your area is available for wholesale please check out stockists located here:

Bulk Products, Private Labeling and Custom Scents are also an option! It's a great way for you to expand your own brand, or have a products exclusive to you.

A few things to note about Bulk, Private Labeling & Custom Scents: 

-Full batches are required, every time. 

-We do not do any label design or printing, and ask that any labels you make do not resemble ours in any way.

-Orders typically take 2-4 weeks to complete, potentially longer depending on the size or any supply issues.


As each case is different, please feel free to send us an email to schedule a time to chat:


Robyn Bradley

Founder & CEO