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Henrietta's Dog Care Gift Box

Henrietta's Dog Care Gift Box - $60 - The perfect care box for those precious puppies! Our gift box is a great addition to under your tree for the fur-children in your family. 

Henrietta's Dog Wash - Helps keep your dogs coat shiny and clean! The essential oil blend we use also keeps fleas away! 8oz.

Henrietta's Calming Spray - Spray this either directly onto your dog's coat, or onto bedding to help calm them down. It's gentle enough for skin, and will help soothe hot spots, and keep fleas away. 4oz. 

Henrietta's Paw Balm - Soothing and moisturizing, great for healing rough dog paws! 2oz. 

Henrietta's Nose Balm - Soothing and moisturizing for dry or chapped dog noses. 1/2oz. 

Plus, two hand sewn, hand dyed bandanas in medium and large for the puppies you love! 

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