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Camper Gift Box

Camper Gift Box! The perfect gift for the outdoorsy type. Love camping and hiking, but hate the bugs? This is perfect for all your needs. -$68

SmokeSoy wax is blended with pure essential oils, with a cotton wick, make up this simple candle to keep bugs away. 8oz. 

Repel - A purely natural spray to keep bugs away! Eucalyptus Citradora essential oil has been proven to be more effective than Deet. The other oils in our essential oil blend help keep bugs and mildew away as well, making it an excellent tent spray. 4oz.

Protect - This lotion protects your skin against the harmful rays of the sun with both raspberry seed and carrot seed oils while our essential oil blend keeps bugs away. 4oz. 

*This is not tested by the FDA, so we are unable to put a specific SPF on the label, take caution, and always test on your skin. 

SootheOur version of a natural calamine lotion - this bug bite balm will take away the sting and the itchiness caused by bug bites. 1oz. 

Plus, two handmade. la conner waterproof snack bags! 

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