Steven Adams' Gentlemen's Moustache Styling Wax


We are so excited to be partnering with our first ever athlete for a mustache wax! As you may know, professional basketball player Steven Adams has a pretty sweet mustache, and turns out he uses our mustache wax to style it. 

Steven told us his favorite scent was Oakmoss + Whiskey (mine too!) so we put a little twist on it and added a bit of rosewood essential oil to the mix. To apply this mustache wax, we recommend using a blow dryer to heat the wax up, work quickly, and use a blow dryer to set the wax. It is extra firm, for detailed mustache styling, just like Steven's. 

Be sure to #shareyourstache on Twitter, and follow Steven @realStevenAdams. 

This is a LIMITED EDITION product, we're only producing 500. Each tin is labeled with a number between 1 and 500 in this limited edition run. 

Limit 10 per order. 



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